Mastering Operational Excellence

Collaboration and curiosity are the fuel for operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Here is how we can win together

I support teams and organizations to reach their goals by putting at their service my training, coaching and facilitating experience. I win when my coachees discover and become a better version of themselves.


Providing custom training to develop your people into real change-makers.


Helping your teams develop the muscles needed to operate with performance in mind.


Setting up and delivering workshops that will create spaces for real interaction and impacting discussions.

part of a global community of operational excellence leaders

I commit myself to bring on the table the skills and knowledge required to serve my clients’ needs. Part of my work is to keep my network alive, and here is how I’m doing it.

A Licensed ProKanban.Org Trainer

Flow is an essential part of operational excellence, and being a PKT allows me to tap into a network of professionals facing similar challenges all around the world.

A Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator

Management practices change and evolve with time triggered by industry and technology landscapes changes. Being a Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator is a commitment to put to work practices that are human-centered in a complex world.

an active writer on Medium and Linkedin

I leverage the power of social-media to share my thoughts, reflections and experiences and network with people who are facing similar challenges.